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Titanium ball valve

Titanium v-shaped ball valve

  Titanium v-shaped ball valve  

Titanium v-shaped ball valve structure of plate spring loaded movable seat, seat and ball won't produce the problem such as jam or out. Reliable sealing, long service life, v-shaped incision with shearing action between sphere and valve seat, especially suitable for fiber, such as small solid particles and slurry medium. Open-close part adopts v-shaped ball lack of structure, completely solved the problem of the valve cavity easily sedimentary medium. Full open valve flow capacity is big, small pressure loss. Compact structure, strong commonality, flow characteristic is approximate equal percentage, wide adjustable range, maximum adjustable ratio of 100:1.

Shanghai v-shaped adjustment of manufacturing titanium ball valve is mainly used titanium metal materials in the corrosive environment oxide film has good stability and the passivation ability, this feature to resist a variety of harsh conditions of strongly corrosive. Has been widely applied to chemical industry, electric power, etc.

Titanium v-shaped ball valve specifications:

Pressure rating: PN1.6-4.0 MpaClass150-300 lb

Nominal diameter: DN25 - DN350 1 "- 14"

Driving mode: worm gear and worm, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric

Corresponding titanium V type ball valve model: VQ647Y - 16 Ti, Ti VQ647Y - 25, VQ647Y - 40 Ti, VQ647Y - 150 lb (Ti), VQ647Y - 300 lb (Ti), and VQ647Y - 16 A, 25 A, VQ647Y VQ647Y - - A, VQ647Y 40-150 lb and VQ647Y - 300 lb (A) (A), VQ947Y - 16 Ti, Ti VQ947Y - 25, VQ947Y - 40 Ti, VQ947Y - 150 lb (Ti), VQ947Y - 300 lb (Ti), VQ947Y - 16 A, 25 A, VQ947Y VQ947Y - - A, VQ947Y 40-150 lb, VQ947Y - 300 lb (A) (A)

Applicable medium: oxidation corrosion medium.

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