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Titanium ball valve

The industrial standard titanium ball valve

  The industrial standard titanium ball valve  

Soft seal titanium ball valve product features: the worker floating soft seal titanium ball valve ball is floating, under the effect of medium pressure, the fitness ball produce certain displacement and compression at the outlet seal surface, guarantee the outlet seal.

1, small flow resistance, ball valve are all valve class a kind of fluid resistance is small, even reducing ball valve, the fluid resistance is small.

2, quick and convenient switch, as long as the body rotate 90 °, to complete the ball valve fully open or close the action, it is easy to realize rapid opening and closing.

3, sealed performance is good.

4, titanium ball valve seat (ring) generally use the elastic materials such as PTFE teflon, easy to guarantee the seal, and titanium ball valve sealing force with medium pressure increases.

5, titanium ball valve which can realize automatic control and remote control, can be configured for electric device, pneumatic equipment, hydraulic device. 6, titanium ball valve channel level off is smooth, not easy to deposit medium, can carry out pigging pass the ball.

Titanium ball valve technical specification:

Design standards: GB/T12237, API6D, ASME B16.34

Structure length: GB/T12221, API6D, ASME B16.10

Connecting flange: HG, GB, JB, API, ANSI, ISO, BS, DIN, NF, JIS

Test standard: JB/T9092, GB/T13927, API6D, API598

Titanium ball valve body material: the body and bonnet: TA1, TA2, TA10, Gr2, Gr3

Ball: TA1, TA2, TA10, Gr2, Gr3 stem: TA1, TA2, TA10, TC4, Gr2, Gr3, Gr5


Pressure rating: PN1.6-10.0 MpaClass150-600 lb

Nominal diameter: DN15 - DN250 1/2 "- 10"

Driving mode: handle, worm gear and worm, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric

The corresponding titanium ball valve model: Q341F-10Ti、Q341F-16Ti、Q341F-25Ti、Q341F-40Ti、Q341F-64Ti、Q341F-100Ti、Q341F-10A、Q341F-16A、Q341F-25A、Q341F-40A、Q341F-64A、Q341F-100A、Q41F-10Ti、Q41F-16Ti、Q41F-25Ti、Q41F-40Ti、Q41F-64Ti、Q41F-100Ti、Q41F-150Lb(Ti)、Q41F-300Lb(Ti)、WSV、Q41F-10A、Q41F-600Lb(Ti)、Q41F-16A、Q41F-25A、Q41F-40A、Q41F-64A、Q41F-100A、Q41F-150Lb(A)、Q41F-300Lb(A)、Q41F-600Lb(A)、Q341F-16Ti、Q341F-25Ti、Q341F-40Ti、Q341F-64Ti、Q341F-100Ti、Q341F-150Lb(Ti)、Q341F-300Lb(Ti)、Q341F-600Lb(Ti)、Q341F-16A、Q341F-25A、Q341F-40A、Q341F-64A、Q341F-100A、Q341F-150Lb(A)、Q341F-300Lb(A)、Q341F-600Lb(A)

Applicable medium: oxidation corrosion medium.

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