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Cast steel valve series

J41HWY cast steel globe valves

  J41HWY cast steel globe valves  

Description of flange cast steel globe valves:

Flange valve opening and closing is a cylindrical piece of disc, sealing surfaces appear flat or cone, disc make linear movement along the centerline of fluid. National standard globe valve is only applicable to all opened seated, general need not to regulate traffic, customized when allowed to adjust and throttling. Nominal pressure 1.6 MPa to 16.0 MPa, working temperature - 29 ~ 550 ℃ in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical fertilizer, power industry, such as the pipeline under various working conditions, cut off or connect pipe medium. Drive way has a manual, gear drive, electric, pneumatic, etc.

Pieces cast steel globe valve product features

1, simple structure, manufacture and maintenance more convenient

2, small work schedule, opening and closing time is short

3, good sealing, sealing surface friction between the small, long service life

Pieces cast steel globe valve standards

Design specification: GB/T 12235

Structure length: GB/T 12221

Flange connection: JB/T 79

The test and inspection: JB/T 9002

Product identification: GB/T 12220

Supply specification: JB/T 7928

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