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Location:Home > Cast steel gate valve series

Cast steel gate valve series

Cast steel gate valve flange connection

  Cast steel gate valve flange connection  

Product standards:

Design and manufacturing: API 600 flange dimensions: length: ANSI B16.5 structure ANSI B16.10

Butt welding size: ANSI B16.25 pressure - temperature: ANSI B16.34 inspection and test: GB13927

Product features:

1. The product design and manufacture according to API standard, reliable sealing, good performance and can be used to form a complete set of imported equipment.

More than 2.600 Lb disc and seat sealing using department too vertical (stellite) cobalt-based hard alloy surfacing and become, wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good abrasion resistance, long service life.

3. The stem by conditioning and surface nitriding treatment, good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.

4. Adopting the wedge gate structure, large diameter set the rolling bearing, easy opening and closing.

5. Variety complete body material, packing, gasket, reasonable selection according to actual working condition or the user requirements, can be applicable to all kinds of pressure, temperature and medium conditions.

6.1500 LB, 2500 LB midplane USES pressure self-tightening seal structure. Rise with inner pressure seal performance, high reliability.

7. Pour the seal is made of stainless steel threaded connection seal or ontology austenitic stainless steel welding and become, reliable sealing, packing replacement and repair without downtime, convenient and quick does not affect the system running.

Product use:

Flange connection API cast steel gate valve is suitable for ANSI Class 150 ~ 2500, the working temperature < 600 ℃ in the petroleum, chemical, thermal power plant under various working conditions such as the pipeline, cut off or connect pipe medium. Applicable medium: water, oil, steam, etc.

This company specialized provide flange cast steel gate valve and so on all kinds of cast steel gate valves, welcome to the company or individual calls us.

Flange connection API cast steel gate valves main performance specifications

Types of nominal pressure (MPa) experiment operating temperature (℃) applicable to medium pressure

Intensity (water) (Mpa) seal (water) low pressure air seal air (Mpa)

Z4IH6C, Z41W6P (R) 1.6 2.4 1.8 0.6 NITRICACID 200 or less

Nitrate class


Acetic acid class


Z41W - 25 p (R) 2.5 3.8 2.8 0.6 nitric acid class 200 or less

Z41W - 40 p (R) 4.0 6.0 4.4 0.6 ACETICACID 200 or less

Z41W - 64 p (R) 6.4 9.6 7.0 0.6 acetic acid class 200 or less

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