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Location:Home > Cast steel gate valve series

Cast steel gate valve series

Cast steel gate valves

  Cast steel gate valves  

Cast steel gate valves main parameters:

Connection: flange flow direction: two-way nominal diameter: DN15 - DN500 (mm)

Sealing form: hard seal type standard: GB/T12224 drive mode: manual, electric, pneumatic.

USES: as type: two general formula applicable medium: water, steam, oil, etc

Cast steel gate valves introduction:

Cast steel gate valve as a kind of gate valve, all made of forging materials processing and gate valves are collectively referred to as cast steel gate valves. Domestic often said cast steel gate valves are normally refers to the small diameter of cast steel gate valves, diameter range: DN10 ~ (; Pressure range: gb PN16 ~ PN320, : Class150 ~ 2500, recoverable or American standard gb size production and processing, the factory are all in stock supply. Beyond (diameter of cast steel gate valves must be customized, domestic demand is less.

The main characteristics and usage of cast steel gate valves:

1, compact structure, reasonable design, good rigidity, valves, smooth channel, small flow resistance coefficient.

2, the sealing surface of stainless steel and carbide, long service life.

3, using the flexible graphite packing, reliable seal, flexible operation of the light.

4, drive mode are: electric, pneumatic, gears, structure forms: the rigid wedge type wedge type single ram, single ram of double ram type.

5, widely used in chemical industry, fire, power plants and so on oil, steam pipeline connected or truncate the medium inside the pipe opening and closing device.

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