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Location:Home > American standard valve series

American standard valve series

American forged steel cryogenic valves

  American forged steel cryogenic valves  

Product name: forged steel valve in low temperature

Product model: DZ41H,] DHZ41

Job stress: 150 lb to 600 lb

Connection mode: 4, flange

The valve diameter: 3/8 "- 2"

Design and manufacturing: ASME/ANSI B16.34, API602, GB/T12224, GB/T12228, GB/T12224, JB/T7749

The flange end size: ASME/ANSI B16.5, JB/T82.1-82.2-94

Main materials: LF2, LF3, F304 F304L, F316, F316L

The valve of inspection and test: JB/T7749 or API598

Standard: GB, JB, HG, JIS, JPI, American standard: API, ANSI, ASME

Structure: B.B or W.B;

Gasket: stainless steel + flexible graphite

Other: can replace seat

The company specializes in providing American standard valves and other valves, welcome to the company or individual calls us.


[American forged steel cryogenic valves structure. JPG]

American forged steel valve structure at low temperature

Cryogenic valve is closed, sealing surface can only rely on medium pressure to seal, that depend on medium pressure, the disc will be to the other side of the valve seat sealing surface pressure to ensure that the seal face seal, this is the seal. Most is adopt compulsory seal gate valve, the valve is closed, to rely on outside force forced the ram pressure to the seat, to ensure the sealing surface sealing.

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