A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

fb_img_1480506651721 Most of the country knows about the wildfires that have recently devastated the Gatlinburg,TN area.Much like the devastation caused in Gatlinburg,the picture to the left,was taken in a similar wildfire in Montana.

To me,this is a gripping picture that I can get lost in.When I look at it,I can't help but feel sympathy for these poor deer.I feel a sense of urgency as I look at their circumstances.If I could speak to them I'd say,"Escape!""Run!""Your life's in danger!""Don't delay.""Get away now while there's still time."

And then it hits me.A wave of conviction overwhelms me.For this picture is a representation of something more tragic — mankind's circumstances.Hell is real (Matthew 13:49-50;Matthew 10:28).It's ominous,terrifying,and with the passing of every day,it comes closer and closer to swallowing up its victims.

So what do we do?Are we emotionally moved more by the plight of these deer than we are the plight of our fellowman?Friends,we have work to do!Urgent work!And the stakes are high!May God help us to see as he sees,and with urgency,let's get to work!And,may this snapshot from a tragedy remind us of an even greater tragedy that is approaching closer to some with every passing day.

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