Imagine if you were a coach and Shaquille O'Neal was one of your players.  What would you do with him?  Would you move him out,远离篮筐,让他在三分线之外打球,or would you put his back to the basket and post him up down low?  Well,如果你对篮球有所了解,the answer to that question is obvious.  Playing O'Neal beyond the three-point line wouldn't make a lot of sense because it would be playing away from his strength.  To get the most out of him,你得把他放到能发挥他力量的地方高度,和篮板能力。

我们对体育的理解,is apparently misunderstood in Christianity.  Just look around.  See all the things in which the "modern church"is involved.  Look at it's focus on entertainment,娱乐,and play.  Consider also the church whose focus is on benevolence,人道主义的需要,和社会问题。以这些事情为中心的教会正在削弱她的力量。

别误会,我并不是说玩乐和帮助穷人是错误的,I'm simply saying it's not playing to the strength of the church.  As much as the church tries,它永远不会“出局”the YMCA or the local recreation department.  As much as the church tries,它永远不会“给予”像红十字会这样的组织就是为这样的服务而设计的。

朋友,the strength of the Lord's church is the saving message of the gospel.  Any church work that doesn't focus upon the gospel of Christ is playing away from the church's strength.  What the church can do that no other organization can do is proclaim the good news of the gospel.

May we remain focused as the church of our Lord and maintain our spiritual focus.  Any activity that doesn't involve the church in proclaiming the gospel is playing away from her strength.