The Church is not the Building

All my life, I have heard the oft-repeated message, “the church is not the building, it’s the people.” Another way I have heard it expressed is, “You can’t ‘go to church” because you are the church.”

Well, now’s the time to prove it!Our meeting houses have been empty for a month now, but the church is as busy as it ever has been!

  • While our church buildings have been as silent as a tomb for the past month, the church has raised her voice and proclaimed the gospel of Jesus broader than ever before.
  • While the doors to our church buildings have been locked and none are entering, the doors to the church are still open and many have walked through those doors into a new or renewed relationship with God.
  • While our church buildings are dark, the church remains a light to the world, reflecting the brightness of God’s glory to the world.
  • While the last echos of laugher and edification have long since faded away in our church buildings, the church is as active as ever in building up one another in the most holy faith.
  • And while our church buildings are currently unused tools in the churches’ toolbox, thank God they are not the only tool in our toolbox, and thus the work continues.
You know, what I’ve heard all my life is right!The church is not the building, it’s the people, and this pandemic has demonstrated it.And for those who have for many years affirmed “the church is not the building” but who are condemning the church because we are not able to meet at the building at this present time, I would encourage you to start believing what you’ve been preaching for all these years!The church building is not the focal point of our religion, Jesus is!Remember, the church is not a building, it’s the people!


  • Amen, brother.I’ve never seen anything like this before, many of us have not .God is being glorified .I have friends who have never come to church watch my lessons on YouTube and Facebook and respond in a positive way .I am praying when it all gets back to “normal” it will be the new normal, that we will continue to shine His light in our communities and on Social Media.

  • Very good message.Time that people begin to accept we are the church 7 days a week 365 day a year.Everyday of our life !

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